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Facilities Technician II
Job Title:Materials Mgmt
FT/PT/Per Diem:Full Time
Scheduled DaysMonday - Friday
Scheduled Hours8am - 5pm
Job Description:
Statement of Purpose:

The Facilities Technician II is responsible for performing routine repair work, assisting skilled tradesmen with complex repair work and maintaining designated buildings and grounds.

Primary tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

1.Promotes and practices the Hospice mission and values, and follows all policies and procedures of Tidewell Hospice.
2.Makes general repairs and maintains all hospice facilities and equipment as directed.
3.Responsible for the proper operation, cleanliness and maintenance of all hospice equipment in his / her care.
4.Reports any equipment or supply needs to the Maintenance Supervisor.
5.Performs general electrical, plumbing, painting and wall repair.
6.Assembles and installs equipment, shelving, etc.
7.Assesses projects so as not to cause damage or harm to building or individuals.
8.Analyzes and assesses situation(s) and makes recommendations for cost-effective solutions.
9.Follows directions regarding tasks and duties as assigned.

Secondary Responsibilities

Every incidental duty connected with the Technician II position cannot be specified in the job description and the colleague, at the discretion of the Administrative Director of Facilities and Support Services, may be required to perform duties that are not included in this job description.

Physical Requirements:

1.Heavy lifting and carrying.
2.Ability to climb ladders along with a considerable amount of walking, standing, lifting, sitting, and driving for extended periods of time.
3.Able to work well with all tools and equipment for repairs of buildings and grounds.
4.Able to operate and maintain a cargo van.
5.Able to withstand inclement weather.


1.High School diploma.
2.Two years of facility and grounds maintenance experience.
3.An equivalent combination of professional experience and education may be considered as meeting the Education/Professional requirements

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

1.Ability to maintain and care for landscaping.
2.Knowledge of and experience in general maintenance, including electrical, plumbing, painting, wall repair, equipment and shelving installation, and grounds maintenance.
3.Knowledge of use of general shop tools and making simple repairs.
4.Knowledge of customary safety standards and able to provide for a safe working environment.
5.Ability to read and interpret blueprints.
6.Ability to drive an extended-size van.
7.Possess a valid Florida driver’s license with a clean Motor Vehicle Record.
8.Basic knowledge of computer usage.
9.Ability to read and write English.
10.Knowledge of and experience in general maintenance.
11.Knowledge of use of general shop tools and making simple repairs.
12.Knowledge of customary safety standards and able to provide for a safe working environment.
13.Basic knowledge of computer usage.

Machines/Equipment, Tools Used:

1.Able to operate all types of motor vehicles (trucks, cargo vans, automobiles)
2.Able to operate a vehicle with a trailer attached.
3.Able to operate general power and mechanical tools used for facilities and grounds.

Responsible to: Administrative Director of Facilities and Support Services
Primary Responsibilities: